V8 400 Retaining Block


The new solution to vertical or near vertical heavy duty retaining wall problems. Available in two wall widths: 400mm and 320mm.

Choice of finishes – Smooth or Rockface
Colours: Grey, Dune, Charcoal or Wheat

  • Ideal for straight or slightly curved walls
  • Perfect solution where available space is limited
  • Set back unreinforced (soil filled) or vertical partially or fully reinforced with concrete.
  • Geogrids or Geofabrics secured between rows of blocks and into the backfill will also provide stability and security.
  • Blocks can form a lost shutter, saving time and excavation, backfill and onsite concrete costs
  • Designed to allow for installation of precast concrete wall fencing and fencing posts
  • Advantages:
  • Simple and fast construction requiring only semi-skilled operator and
    basic tools
  • At only 8 blocks per metre squared (4 Blocks = 2 running meters), Terravert V8 creates the most cost effective, heavy and medium duty retention available
  • Corrosion free and resistant to ageing
  • Pleasing natural appearance, plant supportive
  • Adaptable, inclination can be changed to suite site conditions
  • Encapsulates topsoil infill and totally seals the backfill