V10 Retaining Block and TerraCorner


The most versatile cost effective solution for lighter retaining walls. Ideal for D.I.Y projects.
Choice of finishes: Smooth or Rockface
Colour: Grey, Dune, Charcoal or Wheat

  • Forms straight or slightly curved retentions either set back for planting or stacked up vertical.
  • Ideal solution where space does not allow for other transitions. (Wall width of only 250mm. Is the narrowest retaining wall block available)
  • Corner blocks build 90 degree angles and termination at wall ends.
  • Corner blocks form neat staircase wing walls.
  • Walls can be easily reinforced for heavier duty vertical applications.
  • Geogrids or Geofabrics secured between rows of blocks and into the backfill will also provide stability and security.
  • Easy construction – block mass 25kg
  • Block infill volume 11 litres
  • Cast with 35MPA Concrete mix design
  • Maintenance free
  • speedy construction
  • Flexability and permeability
  • Corrosion free and resistant to ageing
  • Pleasing natural appearance, plant supportive
  • De-mountable systems, suitable for temporary work
  • Adaptable, inclination can be changed to suite site conditions
  • Encapsulates topsoil infill and totally seals the backfill