Suspended Concrete Floor Systems



WINDECK is a prestressed concrete manually-assembled, suspended floor system comprising of prestressed concrete beams and reinforced concrete tiles.
No maintenance high-tech everlasting concrete for indoor and outdoor applications


WINDECK assembly results in a self finished tile top surface and paint-ready underside surfaces. Other finishes may be applied if desired.
WINDECK accepts electrical cabling between tiles before grouting and tooling, and is fire resistent.

  • Ideal for suspended floors in double-storey residential and commercial buildings
  • To add additional floors to existing buildings
  • To replace rotten or damaged suspended wooden floors in existing buildings
  • To install mezzanine floors in existing double volumes
  • To install a suspended floor at ground level without the expense and problems of fill and slab methods. This application is particularly useful on steeply sloping sites where access presents problems or where rising damp is endemic
  • To build external patios, balconies etc
  • To convert existing accessible flat roofs into useable platforms
  • As a suspended floor in heaving soil conditions. In this situation, Windeck may be directly supported on ground beams under the walls.

No shuttering required
No reinforcing required
No propping required
No crane required
No in-situ concrete required
No in-situ topping required
No skim to soffit required
No final floor finish required