S10 Retaining Block


The time proven super heavy duty solution for constructing high or challenging retentions
The Super 10 for heavy duty applications builds walls 500mm wide and 3-9meters in height
Available colours:  Grey, Dune, Charcoal and Wheat

  • Forms straight and curved retentions set back for planting or stacked
  • Set back angle can vary within the wall to create planter boxes or go around obstacles. Wall angles of repose from 25 degrees to 90 degrees. Corners can be created.
  • Walls can be additionally reinforced for heavier duty applications with vertical columns of reinforced concrete at 2 meter centres with rods inserted into the footing.
  • Geogrids or Geofabrics secured between rows of blocks and into the backfill will also provide stability and security.
  • Walls are plant supportive with topsoil infill contained and the entire wall available to the root system.
  • Whilst water permeable through the D interlock, Terraforce walls present a totally closed face to the backfill.
  • Cast in 35 MPA concrete mix design
  • Maintenance free
  • Speedy construction
  • Lowest construction cost
  • Flexibility and Permeability
  • Saving labour costs and skills
  • Corrosion free and resistant to ageing
  • Pleasing natural appearance, plant supportive
  • Adaptable, inclination can be changed to suit site conditions
  • Encapsules topsoil infill and totally seals the backfill