M15 Medium Duty Retaining Block


The time proven popular medium duty solution for constructing garden retentions and ‘rockeries’
Available in Grey, Dune, Charcoal and Wheat
Good for garden applications steps, planter boxes and sharp curved stairways

  • Forms straight and curved retentions set back for planting or
    stacked vertically.
  • Set back angle can vary within the wall to create planter boxes or go around obstacles. Wall angles of repose from 25 degrees to 90 degrees, are possible
  • Blocks can be curled in at termination of ends. Even 90 degree corners can be created
  • Walls can be additionally reinforced for heavier duty applications with vertical columns of reinforced concrete at 2 meter centres with rods inserted into the footing.
  • Geogrids or Geofabrics secured between rows of blocks and into the backfill will also provide stability and security.
  • Walls are plant supportive with topsoil infill contained and the entire wall available to the root system.
  • Whilst water permeable through the D interlock, Terraforce walls present a totally closed face to the backfill.
  • Easy construction with 22kg units
  • Maintenance free
  • Speedy Construction
  • Lowest construction cost
  • Flexibility and permeability
  • Saving labour costs and skills
  • Corrosion free and resistant to ageing
  • Pleasing natural appearance, plant supportive
  • Adaptable, inclination can be changed to suite site conditions
  • Encapsulates topsoil infill and totally seals the backfill

Landscaping – Retaining Walls – Noise Barrier – River Bank Protection – Storm Water Control – Bridge Abutments – Wing and Toe Walls – Seating Arrangements and Steps